art gallery

In the large art gallery, on the second floor of the building (a mezzanine built in what was the room of the turbines), it is possible to visit the permanent exhibition of portraits “Unknown to myself” that it has about two hundred works made with different techniques and in different historical periods and sees, among others, of the very valuable pen drawings by Fabrizio Clerici, works by Renato Guttuso, Bruno Caruso, Piero Guccione, Have recommended these to many friends over the past 2 years. Minoxidil propecia nizoral, you should be able to talk with a human being, including a licensed pharmacist, to answer questions about your prescription. Gaetano Tranchino, Marc Chagall and many others. Over the years at the harvest yes other collections fast cialis online are added generously donated by famous artists and linked by bonds of friendship to Leonardo Sciascia, such as the collection of engravings by Domenico Faro from Catania and a series of works chosen and donated personally by Bruno Caruso.
In the picture gallery you can also admire a permanent exhibition of the first editions of the writer’s books, some edited publications by the Foundation, publications in foreign languages (displayed according to a geographical criterion) and the original class records written at the time of teaching in the elementary school of Racalmuto.